Explore the world of ICT at ITU Telecom World 2016
What’s the future for the connected car, for digital financial services, for smart and sustainable cities? How are innovations and technical developments in 5G, the Internet of Things and spectrum management impacting on future networks and future businesses? And if meaningful, affordable connectivity is the single best bet for accelerating socio-economic development and meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), how can we ensure we reach the billions of unconnected most in need?
These are the questions at the heart of the agenda at ITU Telecom World 2016, four days of debate, networking and exhibition on the theme of “Collaborating in the Digital Economy”.  Exploring solutions, mapping out strategies and policies for the future, establishing potential partnerships - this approach is critical in an industry in the throes of massive disruption and on which so much global socio-economic growth depends. New players, new vertical sectors, new markets, new models and new technologies have shaken up the ICT establishment, erased old certainties and opened up unprecedented opportunities.
New ways of working together offers great potential for growth, but is not without challenges. ITU Telecom World 2016, the leading event for governments, corporates and SMEs in the ICT sector, is organized by ITU, the UN’S leading agency for ICT issues. Bringing together public and private sectors, companies big and small, emerging and developing markets from around the world to exhibit innovative solutions, make important connections and, of course, debate the key issues of the industry, is an important first step on the road to collaboration. Only by coming together to exchange knowledge, share experiences, compare notes on best practices and listen to expert opinions and truly international perspectives can we begin to move forward to find solutions, to accelerate growth, to make the world better, sooner.   ITU Telecom World 2016 takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 14 - 17 November. Find out more on how you can take part at
Photo: ITU