Financing conventional power and renewable projects in Asia
Energy is the key to economic advancement and attracting sufficient investment in energy is vital to ensure continued growth and enhance energy security and sustainability. It is the most valuable market segment on earth, valued around $7 trillion globally. According to the International Energy Agency, global energy demand will grow by more than 30% by 2035. To meet rising energy demands, the world must invest $37 trillion in related production and supply infrastructure across all sectors of the energy industry over the next two decades. This is why, PennWell Corporation will be for the third time adding POWER-GEN Asia Financial Forum as a co-located conference, alongside POWER-GEN Asia and Renewable Energy World Asia as part of Asia Power Week. It is a platform where all the major issues influencing the financing of renewable and conventional power projects across Asia are discussed and debated. With access to capital so critical to project development, the finance community has always been attracted to Asia Power Week as it puts them in touch with the technology their lending facilitates. The POWER-GEN Asia Financial Forum is able to offer more depth of conference content to serve this important group, with a three-day conference track featuring high-calibre speakers from around the world. The POWER-GEN Asia Financial Forum will provide a comprehensive world-class track covering:
  • Asian Infrastructure Financing
  • Risk Management
  • Renewable Finance
  • Growth Markets
  • Financing Products
  • Regulatory Impact
The conference will also feature a practical Project Finance Workshop present by AWR Lloyd, who are Asia’s natural resource and strategic industry specialists. It is designed to develop practical understanding and build the capabilities required to understand, analyse and participate in project finance preparation, analysis and modelling for power and renewable projects.

For more information about participating please visit www.asiapowerweek.com/finance
Photo: Power-Gen